Pregnancy is an incredibly transformative experience for a woman’s body, mind and spirit. Each trimester is a new season visiting the body. There are numerous changes happening all at once, that at times can feel like weathering a perfect storm. For some, sailing through the changes that begin in early pregnancy can be a breeze, for others, it can be a series of obstacles, and even still, there are those for whom pregnancy is an experience that requires navigating multiple storms and big waves on a daily basis. Chinese medicine can be a worthwhile ally in supporting your body to find and maintain balance and good health.


Here is a list of the most common health conditions that can occur pregnancy that Chinese Medicine can work with:

First Trimester

Threatened miscarriage

Nausea, vomiting, indigestion

Heartburn/acid reflux

Infections: common colds, flues, UTI’s, vaginal


Mood swings




Relaxation of Mind and Body


Second Trimester

Back pain, upper, mid, low

Hip pain

Gestational Diabetes/Sugar Imbalances

PIH (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension)

Restless leg syndrome

Varicosities, Hemorrhoids

Immune boosting

Swelling of limbs


Relaxation of Mind and Body


Third Trimester

Low energy

Body pain

Sleep disturbances



Low iron stores/Anemia

Viral outbreaks


Delayed Labor/Postdates

Relaxation of Mind and Body


Labor & Delivery

Delayed or stalled labor



Emotional imbalances

Needing to sleep

Support w/descent of baby into pelvis

Relaxation of Mind and Body

This list is by no means complete, however, it does include some of the most common issues that can arise in pregnancy.

There are less common conditions in pregnancy that can still benefit from the supportive care of Chinese Medicine. 



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