Prebirth Acupuncture reduces the rate of medical intervention through progressive treatments aimed at thinning and dilating the cervix, supporting the immune system, increasing the energy needed for labor, ensuring the proper positioning of the baby, reducing anxiety and stress in mother, and by supporting digestion including relief of hemorrhoids and vulvar varicosities and more.

How Often are Prebirth Treatments?

Women are encouraged to come in once weekly for Prebirth treatment in weeks 36-38, twice during week 39, and then as needed until labor begins. 


Prebirth Treatment for a Planned Surgical Birth

This series is also of benefit for women who know they will have a surgical birth (C-section without a trial of labor first) as it will help to strengthen the immune system, digestion, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and support hormone regulation to prepare the body for birth.  Treatment will also be aimed at supporting milk production if the mother is planning to breastfeed.  Milk may take a bit longer to come in when delivering via C-section.  Finally, this treatment will support optimal healing after surgery.

Acupuncture Inductions

At week 40 or after, acupuncture treatment is shifted with the focus now on supporting the natural release of the hormone cascade which brings labor, cervical ripening is continued, along with contraction encouragement, and increasing blood flow to the uterus and placenta. Reduction of anxiety and quieting the mind helps tremendously for allowing the body to do what it’s meant to do, birth a baby! At this time woman may be seen for 1-3 daily treatments in succession to help bring on labor.  This protocol is often referred to as an “acupuncture induction”. This treatment protocol is not given for social induction (without medical necessity).  In our practice, very few women who come for Prebirth treatments require this type of treatment. We trust a woman’s body to know what to do.


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