ShoniShin/ Acupuncture

Birthpoint offers continued care for your child. Some of us at Birthpoint specialize in Pediatric Acupuncture.


What is ShoniShin?


ShoniShin is a 400 year old , effective , non needle form of treatment for infants, children and sensitive adults. According TCM , under the age of 9, children's Qi runs closer to the surface. Rather than inserting needles, a trained specialist will use special tools to press, rub, brush, tap along meridians and certain points on the surface of the body. It is a gentle and effective way to stimulate and encourage the bodies natural ability to heal itself.


Children find ShoniShin playful and quick. Parents find it works well for many imbalances.  


ShoniShin/Pediatric Acupuncture Can Work Well With The Following:





Digestive complaints; constipation, diarrhea ,IBS

Common cold

Cough ,bronchitis

Ear infections

Eczema, hives, rash

Anxiety, night terrors

Bed wetting

ADD, ADHD, autism

Pains, growing pains, injury,


Pediatric Needles


In some cases that are more chronic or stubborn, pediatric needles may be suggested. These are hair fine, painless, sterile, one time only use needles. The pediatric needles are not retained they are swiftly inserted and removed. Often parents are taught acupressure to continue to support their child at home, and if needed will be given an herbal formula to assist the child's body to find balance and strengthen the immune system.


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