Labor &


During labor, acupuncture can play a role in actively reducing the level of medical interventions needed to

achieve a successful and healthy birth.  


During Labor, Acupuncture Can Help To:

Increase production of labor hormones- endorphins to decrease pain, occiitocin to initiate and increase contractions


Promote cervical effacement (thinning) and dilation (opening) via the release of prostaglandins


Relax the mind and body- settles the peripheral nervous system


Promote pelvic opening & proper baby positioning and descent into the pelvis.  Posterior or acynclitic baby are helped by creating optimal conditions in the mother’s body which creates space for the baby to move


Relieve whole body muscle tension, and specifically in the pelvic floor muscles thereby reducing back pain, sacrum pain and headaches


Change where contractions are felt to help with pain tolerance


Improve energy and reduce fatigue


Reduce nausea


Help support a prolonged labor with or without epidural


Decrease C-section necessity


Support emotional well-being and stamina


Encourage delivery of the placenta


Support healthy blood pressure


Increase overall satisfaction with one’s birth outcomes


Birthpoint providers can help during early labor (1-4cm), active labor (4-7cm), transition (7-10cm), stage two labor (pushing and birth), and the postpartum period.  We often attend home births and have wonderful relationships with our local birth professionals, including both home and hospital based midwives and obstetricians.  A great time to have acupuncture treatment is in early labor.  Acupuncture helps to establish a good labor pattern, and regulate the hormones for the most efficient birth.  The early release of endorphins helps to minimize pain and nausea during labor. Your Birthpoint Provider will meet you in your home and provide your treatment whether you have a home or hospital birth planned.


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