Preconception, Pregnancy & Postpartum Acupuncture

Preconception, Pregnancy & Postpartum Acupuncture

"I couldn't have dreamed up a better experience than the one I had with [Birth Point!] [It] was more than I could have asked for in an experience with acupuncture! I was "under the wire" so to speak with my induction date. I was considered high risk and therefore wasn't allowed to go past 40 weeks. We were determined to get me all prepared and ready for the big day and that she did! Let just say all the right things were happening to the right places, to where my doctor was really happy with my progress! Einav [of Birth Point] has a wealth of knowledge and her gentle kind spirit was exactly what I needed in my emotional state the last couple weeks of my first pregnancy... "

About Birthpoint

Birthpoint of Santa Cruz is a collective of seasoned licensed acupuncturists, all of whom were trained to use acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, and nutritional guidance specific to the childbirth process and beyond. These specialized skills allow us to work safely and thoroughly with the birth care providers in our community to provide an integrative approach to support optimal health in regards to:

fertility, pre-birth, pregnancy, labor, postpartum and pediatric care. 


We at Birthpoint are available 5 days a week and it is our passion to help you achieve your goals.

Please call upon us between the hours of 7AM and 7PM during the work week.

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Our practitioners can help you navigate your fertility choices and challenges, while providing a clear treatment plan. Having a strong, healthy foundation is essential for trying to conceive, and our focus is to help both men and women to achieve this.

For some, sailing through the changes of pregnancy is a breeze. For others, pregnancy is an experience that requires navigating multiple storms on a daily basis. Chinese Medicine can be a worthwhile ally in supporting your body to find and maintain balance and good health.

A series of weekly acupuncture treatments beginning the 36th week of pregnancy help prepare the body physically and emotionally for childbirth. Pre-birth Acupuncture treatments encourage labor to begin when the mother’s body is ready, helping a woman to experience her birth with the fewest interventions possible.

During labor, acupuncture can play a role in actively reducing the level of medical interventions needed to achieve a successful and healthy birth. It helps to establish a good labor pattern, and regulate the hormones for the most efficient birth. 


We often attend home births and have wonderful relationships with our local birth professionals, including both home and hospital based midwives and obstetricians.

Postpartum care is just as important as prenatal care.  Childbirth is hard work; it's called labor for a reason.  Acupuncture safely and effectively helps to restore balance, prevent complications, decrease stress, promote healthy lactation, and can benefit the following conditions after childbirth: breastfeeding problems, postpartum discomfort, postoperative healing.

Birthpoint offers continued care for your child. ShoniShin is a 400 year old , effective , non needle form of treatment for infants and children. Often parents are taught acupressure to continue to support their child at home, and if needed will be given an herbal formula to assist the child's body to find balance and strengthen the immune system.

The cycle of life is one of the many cycles that guides Chinese Medicine in its observation, assessment and treatment of patients. Human life takes its form, is nurtured through pregnancy, birth, the stages of infancy to childhood to puberty, menarche, adulthood, potentially reproducing, and then if well tended to, enjoys a healthy, long life well into the wise years of elder hood.

We felt so well informed about giving birth which helped us to feel confident in trying for a natural birth. We were also lucky enough to have [ a member of Birth Point] with us for the later part of my labor. She was very helpful with acupressure points to help move the baby into the right position to move down. We were beyond thankful to have her encouragement, extra support and positive energy at that time! She also helped us communicate with the nursing staff and doctor. We had a long labor and needed some pitocin to help move things along faster, but we managed to have a natural birth like we had hoped for!

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Jenny Johnston, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M.,FABORM, CD(DONA)

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We at Birthpoint are available 5 days a week, and it is our passion to help you achieve your goals.

For more information or to schedule, please call us between the hours of 7AM and 7PM during the workweek.


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